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  • Start Page in English: Self explanatory
  • Startseite auf Deutsch: Ist selbsterklärend.
  • Download PDFs: A few PDFs and Info pages. I hope to have both handbooks (English and German versions) online soon. The PDFs can be printed and are not password protected.
  • Roman coin pages: For many years, this website / server has also housed my (Dane's) very popular and ever growing number of RIC lists and other information and links for collectors of Roman coins. Non-numismatics won't know what I'm talking about but I have added the link here in case someone can't remember the full URL to the coin pages.
  • You can call us free from anywhere in the world using Skype. Our Skype names are helvetica1 (Dane) and swisswing3 (Rudi) (Please note that Rudi doesn't always have his headset plugged in, so he may take a while to answer)
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Pure CATisfaction

From the Swiss Declaration of Independence and Rütli Oath, anno 1291

“We are a united nation of brothers, which neither suffering nor danger shall tear asunder. We shall be free and would choose death before enslavement. We shall place our trust alone in God on high and shall not fear the power of men.”