cat cranks NOTE: THESE CRANKS ARE NOT FOR USE ON MOUNTAINBIKES OR SIMILAR! The new Cat Carbon Cranks have been tested to be as strong as the top-of-the-line DuraAce and Zipp cranks, but are only 60% the weight of the DuraAce and only 77% the weight of the Zipps.
They are currently only for the standard square-type bottom bracket and in the sizes 172.5, 175 and 177.5 (cranks for DuraAce type bottom brackets as well as size 170 are planned).
Following the delivery of the first batch, delivery will begin again in November 1999 and dispatch will be strictly according to date of order. They are made by us in Switzerland and are only available from us direct.
If you have an enquiry regarding the cranks, please let us know which size you would be interested in.